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Nintendo Voice Chat : The Best Switch Game From Nintendo's 2018 Spring Nindies Showcase - Nintendo Voice Chat Ep. 400

IGN's weekly Nintendo show tackles the latest releases, Nintendo's 2018 Spring Nindies Showcase, SteamWorld Dig 2's massive success on Switch, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker anniversary and more!

IGN UK Podcast : IGN UK Podcast #427: Evan Pettiwhisker, God of War

We've played games, games, games this week. God of War, A Way Out and Ni No Kuni 2 make up the big hitters, before good old Football Manager comes around again, this time even in quiz form. Also: will someone please watch Wild Wild Country so that ...

IGN AU Pubcast : IGN AU Pubcast 168: The First Men to Pogo Stick up Everest

Luke and Cam are joined by Aussie freelancers Joab Gilroy and Nate Lawrence to chat about Ready Player One, Sea of Thieves, PUBG on mobile, God of War, Fable Fortune and more!

GameEnthus Podcast ep338: Collegiate Balloons or Bowled Under

roadtrip, Nailed it, The Office, Nerds of Prey, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Shape of Water, Big Little Lies, The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order, Del Toro, Bioshock, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Daredevil, Iron Fist, ...

Podcast Unlocked : Unlocked Episode 338

Xbox's Chris Charla sits in with us to talk about the ever-growing success that is Xbox's ID@Xbox indie game program. We discuss Cuphead, Inside, and the slate of upcoming ID@Xbox games including The Last Night, Below, and many others! Plus: Sea of ...

PS Nation-Ep567-Don't Knock Kratos

Josh, Michael and Dave talk the latest news. Reviews of Yakuza 6 and Don’t Knock Twice (PS4/PSVR). Hands on Impressions of God of War. What we are playing and watching and some community feedback. http://psnation.com

Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 285 u2013 A new Tomb Raider is coming

On this week’s episode of the DJ Podcast we discuss the latest announcements including Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Nintendo Nindies showcase, Fary Cry 5 and those dreaded microtransactions plus a whole lot more.  Also tune in to see how you ...

The Binding Of Moonpir: Boston Rebirth u2013 Episode 046

Featuring: Michael “Boston” Hannon and Paul “Moonpir” Carver-Smith Running Time: 24:28 Livestream: YouTube This week we chat about the d-pad of spikes, the turncoat, let’s get weird, and 100% part Irish.

Giant Bombcast 524: Rez 2

Mark MacDonald and John Ricciardi swoop in to chat about the state of Japanese games (besides Rez 2, which does not exist), Sea of Thieves, the Fortnite craze, Ubisoft's newfound freedom, and world-traveling World Warriors.

Game Scoop! : Game Scoop Episode 476

Atari VCS, new Nintendo Switch games, Lumines, and more.

Podcast Beyond : God of War's First 3 Hours Are Absolutely Incredible -- Beyond Special

Marty and Andrew got to play through the opening of God of War, and are joined by Lucy O'Brien to talk about their hands-on impressions. Spoilers: they loved it.

IGN Unfiltered : Episode 29: Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan

Rare studio head Craig Duncan chats about his life and career, including his time running Rare. He discusses how Sea of Thieves arrived at its pirate theme, whether they might let other studios work on classic Rare IP, the Kinect years, and much ...

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